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Am I a Successful Bogger?

A lot of us registerred an account with WordPress to have our own blog. Blog where we can share our knowledge and express ourselves.
Write to express, not to impress,” a cliche which I learned way back when I was in college-something that I learned from my classmate Brenda.
I write to express myself and sometimes to inform. I seldom use highfalutin words-which for me which are words that are not commonly used, and most of the time, are being used to impress.
In writing, just like verbal communication, it is important that the reader or the receiver can understand what the writer is saying.
I strive to be a good writer by reading a lot and write whenever I had something in mind that I want to share and whenever I had time.
I know that it would take me sometime consider yourself a “successful blogger,” maybe bec. I seldom write also been busy with my job and also in doing a lot of things that I love, like reading, a bit photography using my mobile phone, travelling and sleeping.hehehe
That’s why it always makes me feel good whenever I post something and someone likes it and even follow my blog.
It feels like a step closer to my dream as a writer or a successful blogger 🙂


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