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An Offer I Couldn’t Refuse

These past few days, a friend of mine invited me to join a networking business that he recently joined.
He had been with networking before and was able to get the money that he invested. He joined this new networking company, not just because of the money that can be earned, but also bec. he trust his uplines and his direct upline is the brother of his girlfriend.
Though I haven’t meet these people and I can only judge them the way my friend describes them.I’m having hesitations.
Hesitations, not just because I might lose my hard earned money, but bec. our friendship might get affected once everything goes wrong.
He offered me something that I couldn’t refuse-to reimburse the money that I spent if in 6 months I didn’t get any profit.
Nice deal, I guess!!
Well I might gamble into this, besides I know I won’t get rich with the job that I have.


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