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They say:
Curiosity killed the cat
I’d say:
Curiosity is what keeps me Alive!! hehehe


A Life Well Lived

Just woke up in the middle of the night. Can’t sleep, maybe bec. I’m too excited to wear my new shoes, to visit Fadrack to check for new items, or too excited on what to do on my next rest day.
I’ll be back to work tomorrow, and I feel good not just bec. I love my job but also I love the people that I work with.
Since I couldn’t think on what to do tonight on my bed while the lights are out, I just pulled out my phone and browse those emails that I received but was not able to read.
Then I saw this topic from WordPress:
What is a life well lived to you?
Well, I think, a life well lived, is a life wherein you can say that you had already did all the things that you wanted to do and had done something that is worth remembering.
Something worth remembering, like a legacy, something that would remind people even if you’re gone.
I’ve read an article that says, you can leave a legacy by having baby, planting a tree or writing a book.
Having a baby?! Nah! Maybe someday when I’m no longer afraid of responsibility. When I had already satisfied my cravings for travelling, when my siblings had already finished their college degrees and had stable job, when I had already had enough savings not only to support myself.
Planting a tree? So easy, I just need time and a healthy seedling and a place to sow it.
Writing a book? Maybe having baby is much easier task rather than creating a book.hehehe
If I’d write a book, I would want to write a book that would last a lifetime. Ambitious as it may seem, but that’s what I want, I just don’t know how to do it.LOL!
I wish I could write a book that would be read by a lot of people. Like the book J.K. Rowling, author of the series Harry Potter, book that became a movie or movies I should say bec. it took 10years before the 8 books got converted to movies. Like 1 book converted to a movie every other year.
I would like to write a book that would still be read by a lot of people even if I’m long gone. Like Jane Austen and Shakespeare, which were still being taught in school.
To me life well lived may not be as simple as legacy like having a baby, planting a tree, or writing a book.
A life well lived, is a time wherein I had enjoyed my life and did all the things that made me happy, and being able to do good deeds that people would remember me even if I no longer exist.

Breaking Dawn

Naki-Breaking Dawn narin.hehehe

okie din pala na hinahati ung book sa dalawang movie, para hindi masyado kulang sa scene.

tabo 11.21.12

As they say, early to bed, early to rise…

Pero sobrang ang aga naman ata ng midnight para gumising.

Can’t sleep, kaya kape muna para makatulog.hehehe

MB 11.16.12

MB 11.12.12

MB 11.09.12

MB 09.20.12


Success is not just about winning, it is also, and more improtantly, about not giving up.

Improving One’s Craft

No one can truly be a master unless that person constantly improves his craft. And to improve your craft, you have to always be in a state of constant learning.
This means you have to humble yourself and open mind to newed methods for as long as you live.

-adapted from an article of MB 09.19.12

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