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Daily Prompt: Funny Ha-Ha

Several times did I see an actor or actress saying: doing a Comedy act or making someone laugh is much difficult than doing Drama.
I definitely agree to what they. It is indeed easier to cry by just thinking about sad memories, compared to making someone laugh bec. it requires perfect timing. Otherwise it would turn out to be corny instead of funny.
Tickling someone, is the easiest way to make someone laugh, but you can’t easily do that on a large number of people, isn’t it?

In some ways, I can be funny not with the jokes that I crack, but how mess up most of the time whenever I deliver a joke. I don’t know how a hilarious joke that I saw and heard wouldn’t be funny whenever I deliver it. Most of the time it turns out to be “corny” as they say.
Well, I just shrugged it off and laugh at it. It’s just something that I’m not good at.hehehe
I know a lot of funny people who can make any dull moment lively and can cause a stomach ache bec. of laughing on their simple jokes.

Reading, hearing and watching humorous articles and films relieves my stress. Sometimes, even if you’re so tired from work, when someone a joke and everyone burst to laugh, it feels like everyone had been given an extra energy-that detox all the stress and tensions that had been experienced throughout the day.

Laughing is indeed the best medicine!! hehehe


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