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Daily Prompt: Funny Ha-Ha

Several times did I see an actor or actress saying: doing a Comedy act or making someone laugh is much difficult than doing Drama.
I definitely agree to what they. It is indeed easier to cry by just thinking about sad memories, compared to making someone laugh bec. it requires perfect timing. Otherwise it would turn out to be corny instead of funny.
Tickling someone, is the easiest way to make someone laugh, but you can’t easily do that on a large number of people, isn’t it?

In some ways, I can be funny not with the jokes that I crack, but how mess up most of the time whenever I deliver a joke. I don’t know how a hilarious joke that I saw and heard wouldn’t be funny whenever I deliver it. Most of the time it turns out to be “corny” as they say.
Well, I just shrugged it off and laugh at it. It’s just something that I’m not good at.hehehe
I know a lot of funny people who can make any dull moment lively and can cause a stomach ache bec. of laughing on their simple jokes.

Reading, hearing and watching humorous articles and films relieves my stress. Sometimes, even if you’re so tired from work, when someone a joke and everyone burst to laugh, it feels like everyone had been given an extra energy-that detox all the stress and tensions that had been experienced throughout the day.

Laughing is indeed the best medicine!! hehehe


Am I a Successful Bogger?

A lot of us registerred an account with WordPress to have our own blog. Blog where we can share our knowledge and express ourselves.
Write to express, not to impress,” a cliche which I learned way back when I was in college-something that I learned from my classmate Brenda.
I write to express myself and sometimes to inform. I seldom use highfalutin words-which for me which are words that are not commonly used, and most of the time, are being used to impress.
In writing, just like verbal communication, it is important that the reader or the receiver can understand what the writer is saying.
I strive to be a good writer by reading a lot and write whenever I had something in mind that I want to share and whenever I had time.
I know that it would take me sometime consider yourself a “successful blogger,” maybe bec. I seldom write also been busy with my job and also in doing a lot of things that I love, like reading, a bit photography using my mobile phone, travelling and sleeping.hehehe
That’s why it always makes me feel good whenever I post something and someone likes it and even follow my blog.
It feels like a step closer to my dream as a writer or a successful blogger 🙂

Take It From Me

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve given someone that you failed to take yourself?

All about saving money, that’s all I could think about if it is an advise that I keep on giving to someone which I failed to take myself.
I had this notebook which I call my expense journal which act as my bestfriend during payday. I write first the total amount of money that I received, then I list down all the things that I need to pay, things where my money would go to.Below are some of the things that is always on present on my list:

1. Family budget
2. Savings
3. Insurance
4. Mobile phone bill
5. Laundry
6. Emergency Fund

In that way, I would be able to know what needs to be paid and to track where my money went.
But then the problem is, even if I was able to create a list on where my money would go, I still tend to go over with the the budget that had been alotted.
Aside from being the breadwinner in the family which means that I had to adjust the budget everytime there’s a need to pay something that’s out of the budget like things that needs to be paid in school and I always try to control myself from buying on impulse.
Shopping is one of my habit in removing stress aside from reading books. It’s an effective way of removing my stress.
I work hard not just for myself but also for my family and getting things that I want inspires my to work harder and at the same time enjoy my job.
Keeping an expense journal is something that I keep on giving as an advise to my friends just to track where did their money go.
I must say that sticking to budget is something that I’m trying to work on.
And it’s really a struggle!! hehehe

An Offer I Couldn’t Refuse

These past few days, a friend of mine invited me to join a networking business that he recently joined.
He had been with networking before and was able to get the money that he invested. He joined this new networking company, not just because of the money that can be earned, but also bec. he trust his uplines and his direct upline is the brother of his girlfriend.
Though I haven’t meet these people and I can only judge them the way my friend describes them.I’m having hesitations.
Hesitations, not just because I might lose my hard earned money, but bec. our friendship might get affected once everything goes wrong.
He offered me something that I couldn’t refuse-to reimburse the money that I spent if in 6 months I didn’t get any profit.
Nice deal, I guess!!
Well I might gamble into this, besides I know I won’t get rich with the job that I have.

A Life Well Lived

Just woke up in the middle of the night. Can’t sleep, maybe bec. I’m too excited to wear my new shoes, to visit Fadrack to check for new items, or too excited on what to do on my next rest day.
I’ll be back to work tomorrow, and I feel good not just bec. I love my job but also I love the people that I work with.
Since I couldn’t think on what to do tonight on my bed while the lights are out, I just pulled out my phone and browse those emails that I received but was not able to read.
Then I saw this topic from WordPress:
What is a life well lived to you?
Well, I think, a life well lived, is a life wherein you can say that you had already did all the things that you wanted to do and had done something that is worth remembering.
Something worth remembering, like a legacy, something that would remind people even if you’re gone.
I’ve read an article that says, you can leave a legacy by having baby, planting a tree or writing a book.
Having a baby?! Nah! Maybe someday when I’m no longer afraid of responsibility. When I had already satisfied my cravings for travelling, when my siblings had already finished their college degrees and had stable job, when I had already had enough savings not only to support myself.
Planting a tree? So easy, I just need time and a healthy seedling and a place to sow it.
Writing a book? Maybe having baby is much easier task rather than creating a book.hehehe
If I’d write a book, I would want to write a book that would last a lifetime. Ambitious as it may seem, but that’s what I want, I just don’t know how to do it.LOL!
I wish I could write a book that would be read by a lot of people. Like the book J.K. Rowling, author of the series Harry Potter, book that became a movie or movies I should say bec. it took 10years before the 8 books got converted to movies. Like 1 book converted to a movie every other year.
I would like to write a book that would still be read by a lot of people even if I’m long gone. Like Jane Austen and Shakespeare, which were still being taught in school.
To me life well lived may not be as simple as legacy like having a baby, planting a tree, or writing a book.
A life well lived, is a time wherein I had enjoyed my life and did all the things that made me happy, and being able to do good deeds that people would remember me even if I no longer exist.

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