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Reminisce 06.29.13

“Di mo na ba tinuloy ung pangarap mo na maging bartender?”
A question that I didn’t expect. Kala ko wala ng naka alala, since nakalimutan ko narin.hehehe
Didn’t realize that having this night out would remind me of my dream-of becoming “a Bartender”.


Cheat Night 06.28.13

Cheat Night 06.28.13

Quail Eggs and Squid Balls 06.28.13

Quail Eggs and Squid Balls for dinner.hehehe

My 6th Year In the Company

June 18, 2007, I hope and prayed that I would last in TP, even just for 6months.
June 18,2013, I’m still at TP. hehehe


Crest 06.06.13

Replacement? Nah! A gift from my mentor, my bestfriend!!

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