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Anxiety Attacks 05.19.13

Earlier I had anxiety attack and I can feel the stress running through my veins.
The thought of doing something that I hate doing, gives me a lot of stress, maybe bec. of the advice that I read that says, “do what makes you happy and stop doing things that you don’t like.”
I just don’t know how to tell my friends that I’m no longer happy with doing network marketting. I’m happy with my job, I’m happy with what I earn and blessed to be able to buy things that I need and some wants. And I’m comfortable and happy with what I have. It may not be that much, but I’m not stressed.

One of the things that gave me stress today, is the thought that one of my friends is about to leave the company because she would continue her studies and go back to school to finish her college.
I’m happy for her decision, I just hate goodbyes.
I bought a flash drive encase in a small dragon shaped teddy-something that would remind her of our friendship and it might help her save her files in school.

Partial of our 13th month pay had already been given by the company, at first I planned to keep it and spend it on December 2013. But it seems that I need to change my plan, bec. from time to time, a new expense arise and I’m afraid that I might lose all of it without being able to buy something for myself worth buying.

I started decided to buy whey protein, hoping that it will help me gain mass and get the body that I want.
I also bought new moisturiser, new toner for my face and new type of hair wax. Gotta look good and feel good!! hehehe
Time to step up my game!!


mah new armor 05.13.13

Just got my new armor. On treadmill and did some dumbell workout.

Alaminos Longganisa 05.02.13

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