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Tips for Saving Money

Save Money Vacation

When it comes to saving, the first thing that comes to my mind are the ants, They are always set as an example when it comes to saving money because they can be seen almost everywhere carrying fragments of a food. They were thought to be hard-working and saving for the rainy day.

I've read a lot of articles that discuss about saving money. First, opening a savings account. Aside from having a safe place to put your hard earned money, you also earn from it because of the interest or the amount that the bank pay for letting them borrow your money. And when you need it, you can withdraw your money anytime.

Second, most of the time, I try to keep a record of the money that I earned and spent, By being aware our expenses, we tend to be more conscious on the things that we spent our money and by doing so we tend to develop being a wise spender,

Third, budgetting, most of the time before or on the pay day, I write down the things that I need to pay and things that I need to buy and also on how much will I save, It really helps me balance and monitor my expenses.

Fourh, I am tempted to apply for a credit card, but my family especially my aunt and my aunt objects because I might tend to overspend and be buried in debt. Having read some articles with about fraud cases wherein the credit card information had been stolen and was being used by another person discourage me in getting a credit card, aside from having to pay extra for the interest of the money borrowed annual fee.

Without credit card, we would minimize spending beyond what we can afford.

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