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The News That Interests Me Most


I love reading newpaper, as a matter of fact I still keep some newpapers that I wasn’t able to read and I read it whenever I’m not busy.

First I check the caption below the picture in the frontpage but I don’t usual read news about politics beacuse it ruins my mood and also it seems that there is nothing new when it comes to politics, there’s always an issue about corruption-a disease that has no cure. Though I must admit that there were also some good politicians who aims to serve the people.

I care less about the showbiz section of the entertainment page because it seems that most of the news about showbiz personalities inaccurate, because most of those articles are merely created to boost popularity or it is intended to ruin the image of some known personalities.It is hard to determine if it’s a FACT or just a FUCK.hehehe

I usually keep the lifestyle and feature section that contains useful and informative articles.

For the love of knowledge…

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One thought on “The News That Interests Me Most

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