I may not have EVERYTHING, but I'm thankful that I never had NOTHING #always count your blessings :)

If I Had the World's Attention for Two Minutes

10 Commandments House near Supreme Court

Thinking of just standing infront of a crowd makes me sweat. I don’t know if I would be able to talk in front of the entire world. I always had stage fright and no matter what I do and even if I studied public speaking in college, I can’t even get rid of it. I always feel awkward everytime I’m infront of a crowd or at the center of attention.

No matter how prepared I am, I always froze infront of the crowd and it feels like my head gets hollow and I don’t know what to say.

I guess if time would come that I would have to stand infront of the whole world for two minutes I would tell them that the world does not need a lot of laws or policy, What’s the sense of adding another one if we can’t even follow the 10 Commandments or even the fear the Golden Rule.

I would also tell the world that laziness is next to poverty, that we don’t have to blame the government if we don’t have something to serve on the table. Why not find ways to earn a living rather than complaining and waiting for something to fall on our tables,

Life is what we make it…

Enjoy life!!

Thank you!!


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