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marriage at 19

I just received a call from one of my friend and told me that he will go back to Manila to put up a business and save money for dowry. He is planning to tie-a-knot this December.
I asked him if the girl is pregnant because of the sudden decision for marriage. He told me that the girl is still virgin and he is willing to wait until their married. I guess he can wait because he still got a lot of girlfriends.
he is only 19, but he intends to get married because it is a tradition in their tribe to get married at an early age, even at 14.
I just wonder at that age they have not even finished highschool or even college, how on earch will they raise a family, if they don’t have any stable job? Maybe if they belong to a wealthy family who can afford to support another family or if they have a stable family business.
If getting married is one of the “in” or should I say the practice of those people who is at same age as mine, I’m still having a thousand thoughts before getting into it. First, because I still have my obligations as the eldest to help my immediate family. Second, I still have plans in going back to school to add another degree or even plan to travel the world after my obligations. Third, my greatest fear-responsibility.
I don’t think that I’m capable of raising a family. Thinking of the things that my family had been through and sacrifices made by my parents just to send us to school, I don’t think I’d be able to take such responsibility.
I know it’s good to have someone to grow old with but then what if a problem arise like financial matters, I don’t know what would I do. I know I can’t just quit and get back to my old single life. marriage is sacred and it is not something that I can easily step in and out once problem arise.
Maybe, just maybe… who knows I might decide to tie-a-knot with someone I wanna grow old with…


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