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The Hotest Hot Versus the Coldest Cold


They too much of everything is bad.If I’d live in a place that is too cold, I would definitely catch a cold and if I would live on an extremely hot place I might have asthma attack. Maybe I’m lukewarm blooded human.hehehe

Worst comes to worst, I would choose cold weather rather than hot weather because I can’t sleep if the weather is hot.

The Philippines is the best place for me-tropical country. Not too hot and not too cold.

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My Earliest Human Memory

At my age of 25, I can still remember a lot of childhood memories. But I guess the I guess most of the things that I can remember are the the things that happened from 1991, Year of the Goat-I still can remember the image of the goat from our calendar back then. Maybe because at that time, I started to be aware with the use of a calendar and I believe it is the start of my school days.
My childhood is ike two sides of coin, with both good and bad memories. Memories that I’ll cherish forever…

The News That Interests Me Most


I love reading newpaper, as a matter of fact I still keep some newpapers that I wasn’t able to read and I read it whenever I’m not busy.

First I check the caption below the picture in the frontpage but I don’t usual read news about politics beacuse it ruins my mood and also it seems that there is nothing new when it comes to politics, there’s always an issue about corruption-a disease that has no cure. Though I must admit that there were also some good politicians who aims to serve the people.

I care less about the showbiz section of the entertainment page because it seems that most of the news about showbiz personalities inaccurate, because most of those articles are merely created to boost popularity or it is intended to ruin the image of some known personalities.It is hard to determine if it’s a FACT or just a FUCK.hehehe

I usually keep the lifestyle and feature section that contains useful and informative articles.

For the love of knowledge…

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If I Had the World's Attention for Two Minutes

10 Commandments House near Supreme Court

Thinking of just standing infront of a crowd makes me sweat. I don’t know if I would be able to talk in front of the entire world. I always had stage fright and no matter what I do and even if I studied public speaking in college, I can’t even get rid of it. I always feel awkward everytime I’m infront of a crowd or at the center of attention.

No matter how prepared I am, I always froze infront of the crowd and it feels like my head gets hollow and I don’t know what to say.

I guess if time would come that I would have to stand infront of the whole world for two minutes I would tell them that the world does not need a lot of laws or policy, What’s the sense of adding another one if we can’t even follow the 10 Commandments or even the fear the Golden Rule.

I would also tell the world that laziness is next to poverty, that we don’t have to blame the government if we don’t have something to serve on the table. Why not find ways to earn a living rather than complaining and waiting for something to fall on our tables,

Life is what we make it…

Enjoy life!!

Thank you!!

5 Things that I’m Afraid to Write

Simple topic but kinda bit difficult to answer…
1. My secrets
2. Things that might offend other people
3. Topics that I don’t have enough knowledge
4. Embarrassing things that I did
5. My sinful desires

Paper or Digital?

In this age of computers or should I say the time of the “tablet” a lot of people are turning on using electronic devices in doing notes and even journals like blogs. Aside from being able to do some editing without having to use erasers, being environmental friendly because the use of paper is minimized and most of all it is very convenient.
I remember the days when we are still using yellow pad to write some essays or even use notebooks in school. From pencils to ballpens, there’s a lot of erasures that sometimes makes papers messy.
Nowadays with this so called digital age, we make of use of these e-devices a lot. From using SMS from our mobile phones, e-mails, and blogs.
In writing notes or even a journal, I still prefer using a paper rather than electronic device. Not just because i’m used to it but also because it feels like it is more personal.
I admit that my handwriting is not that good, but I guess I can express my self more because it feels like I’m leaving a part of me on that paper whenever I write using a pen and a paper.

marriage at 19

I just received a call from one of my friend and told me that he will go back to Manila to put up a business and save money for dowry. He is planning to tie-a-knot this December.
I asked him if the girl is pregnant because of the sudden decision for marriage. He told me that the girl is still virgin and he is willing to wait until their married. I guess he can wait because he still got a lot of girlfriends.
he is only 19, but he intends to get married because it is a tradition in their tribe to get married at an early age, even at 14.
I just wonder at that age they have not even finished highschool or even college, how on earch will they raise a family, if they don’t have any stable job? Maybe if they belong to a wealthy family who can afford to support another family or if they have a stable family business.
If getting married is one of the “in” or should I say the practice of those people who is at same age as mine, I’m still having a thousand thoughts before getting into it. First, because I still have my obligations as the eldest to help my immediate family. Second, I still have plans in going back to school to add another degree or even plan to travel the world after my obligations. Third, my greatest fear-responsibility.
I don’t think that I’m capable of raising a family. Thinking of the things that my family had been through and sacrifices made by my parents just to send us to school, I don’t think I’d be able to take such responsibility.
I know it’s good to have someone to grow old with but then what if a problem arise like financial matters, I don’t know what would I do. I know I can’t just quit and get back to my old single life. marriage is sacred and it is not something that I can easily step in and out once problem arise.
Maybe, just maybe… who knows I might decide to tie-a-knot with someone I wanna grow old with…

Do we live life forwards, but examine it backwards?

They say, make friends with the past so that it won’t mess up your future.A quote that I’ve encountered in the past. I agree with what philosopher Kikergard pointed out long ago because there are a lot of things that we learned from our past which is based on our experiences. Mistakes will be minimized since we already know the consequences of some decisions that we made from the past.

which is worst,…

which is worst, you have friends because you have money or you have money but you don’t have friends???

Just came from …

Just came from my 5 day vacation…
Medyo magulo parin isip..
From the moment I wake up and at sinubukan pasahan ng load ang wireless card ko, maling number pa ang napasahan ko.

I wanted to start the day right since I’ve been away from work for a couple days.
Got new sched, an hour earlier from what I previously had.
Need to balance my scores for the month of October.

My mind is jammed and I need peace of mind…

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