I may not have EVERYTHING, but I'm thankful that I never had NOTHING #always count your blessings :)

2 days before my birthday…

As day goes by and as my birthday is approching, it feels like I’m in the stage of reawakening. Realizing the thikngs that I did and also things that I need to do.
They say, we cannot expect for a change if we keep on doing the things that we usually do and what we are comfortable with. I realize that I should do things that I never did before and things that would my personality. I need to grow as a person.
2 days before my birthday and finally I was able to go to the gym. And take note, I went to the gym twice on two different gym.
I can feel my body ache but it also feels so good. I don’t know until when will I have this burning desire for a change.
I always desire to live a healthy lifestyle but then being bashful keeps on preventing me from doing a lot of things that I wanted to do.
I wish I can sustain the desire to do everything and enjoy what life is to offer…


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