I may not have EVERYTHING, but I'm thankful that I never had NOTHING #always count your blessings :)

From Being Bored to In the Mood

As of this time, we are not currently busy at work and it bores me doing nothing. I've already tried reading but then it seems that I'm not in the mood of reading again because I've already spent a lot of times reading Ebooks and some blogs.

There are also things that I wanted to do and sometimes these things keeps my mind busy even if I'm not doing anything. These are the things that I desire, and money and time are the biggest factor that restricts me in doing those things.

I wanted to go to Mindanao, just to meet some friends and to see the other side of Philippines. They say that it is a dangerous place because they say that there are a lot of rebels in that place, but getting to know a some people who were native to that place drives my curiousity on what life do they have and why is it that most of the people that I know don't regard education as a key to get out of poverty.

	At some point they might be right that sometimes it is hard to believe that education really helps to alleviate someone from poverty, because nowadays there are still a lot of college graduates who can't even find a job. But in my point of view, one of the reasons why they are having difficulty in looking for a job is insecurity. I admit that at first I I don't have confidence while applying for a job, not only because I'm shy but also because I'm afraid that I can't do what is expected of me.
	I've been thru a lot of interviews before I landed my first job in a company that I still work with until now. I'm just lucky that the Guy Upstairs helped me land on a job and a working environment which is suitable for me. A job where in I can be myself and do well without being seen by the customer that I'm assisting. Yeah I'm a call center agent and I love my job!

	Well it seems that I'm already in a mood of writing even if I'm already being drifted on a different topic. oh now I'm lost...hehehe Now I'm glad that I am now in the but in doing something that's worth while.

I think I need to read an article from Reader's Digest...

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