I may not have EVERYTHING, but I'm thankful that I never had NOTHING #always count your blessings :)

The Man Who Don’t Want To Move :)

I woke up this morning thinking of the things that I wanted to do.Thinking of the things that will help improve my life. Having chance to see most of my my very first teammates since time that I worked in call center industry made me realize a lot of things.
They most of them asked my on how long have I stayed with the company. I told them that it had been more than 4 years and the next thing that they would ask: had you already been promoted? What’s your current position?
How much is your salary?
I told them that I am a technical support agent. I am not promoted by choice because I salary I hate paper works and the salary of a supervisor is not enogh to compensate for the lot of works that they had been given. And also if you’re a supervisor you would be scolded b8y the upper management if your team is not performming. Even you already did everything and one some of them is not performing, you’ll dedinitely get a lot of headaches every end of shift,
Most of the people that I know who aspires to become a supervisor aims not for the salary because sometimes the salary of an agent is much bigger than the supervisor because of incentives and because there is only a bit difference compared to what the agents are getting. They just aim for the title and power.
But then there were also supervisor who are good in handling teams because they have passion with what they do and they just don’t aim for power.They had been promoted and they’d accepted it for career growth.
Sometimes I wanted to be promoted because I also want to have career growth and also I wanted to handle a team, but then I don’t think that I’m capable of handling a team and I hate responsibilities.
I know the transition from a customer service representaive to a technical support rep is no big deal when it comes to career growth because both of them falls under the level of being agent. But then it’s okey because tech support reps. are getting better pays than customer service rep. with the company that I’m working with.


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