I may not have EVERYTHING, but I'm thankful that I never had NOTHING #always count your blessings :)

what i want on my birthday

Today is Sept. 4 2011, it is my cousin’s birthday and 15 more da before my birthday. Since yesterday when I bought a DVD player,  I saw an Apad, a replica of  Ipad from China. I keep on thinking of the things that I can do with it.  Really love reading and having an Apad would enable me to download ebooks and easily ready the whole pagae without using scroll bars like what I usually do with my mobile phone. And also I can browse the internet while my aunt is using my laptop.

I want a new watch. A Timex or a Fossil watch. I actually had a Timex watch which is a hand-me-down by my uncle. I bought a Timex watch for my younger sister as a graduation gi. I realize that since the day I started to work, I haven’t bought a watch for myself, maybe bec. I still have something that I can use, and maybe because I don’t need it.

I want a Blackberry phone. Nowadays Iphone and Blackberry are the in gadgets. At first I desire for an Android phone and Iphone, but then when I had a chance to tinker those 2 phones, I realize that it has some features that is almost similar the things that I can do with my Samsung Star. And I have have 2 working phones which I always use. Maybe I don’t need another mobile phone. I just want Blackberry bec. I am curious on why people love to use it aside from it’s security feature and the luxury of having that gadget.

As days pass by and as I approach the age of 25 I can say that I am getting mature and I go for the things that I want and I enjoy life.Sooner or later we may no longer have the capability to do the things that we still can do today.

I am blessed that I had my job because even I still have my responsibility with my family, I still can afford to buy the things that I want.Live Life!!


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