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From Vacation

Just came from my 2 day vacation in the province and I spent the first 2 hours of my shift today reading the updates from the products that we support and also the news within the company. I also need to cope up with my scores and continuesly motivates myself.
Last Monday was my birthday and I decided to go home and spend time with my family.Before I decided to visit my family, I spent a lot of times in deciding on what I would I do on my birthday and even the things that I want. I want a Blackberry phone, a tablet pc, a DSL camera, a portable DVD player and a turltle, They say that all turtles have the potential to enjoy a very long life span and I just want to buy turle just to prove if this is true and also just to have a pet when I grow old and may even have it as my legacy. I receive 2 shirts fron my aunt as a gift.
I decided to be with my family because it’s been a while since I visited them and I wanted to see my niece, the daughter of my sister. She is the first granddaughter of my parents and I can see the joy their faces everytime they’re playing with her. I’m still uncertain on what I feel the moment I saw her and everytime I hear her cry. Maybe because I’m not use to hearing a baby cry everytime I came home. I’m even afraid to hold my niece because it feels like years since the last time that I was able to hold a baby and she seems so fragile.
I just arrived her in Manila yesterday because I had to go to work today. Even if I didn’t even have time to drink with my friends during my birthday, I’m still happy because I was able to spend time with my family and got to see the new member of the our family,my niece Gabrienne…


2 days before my birthday…

As day goes by and as my birthday is approching, it feels like I’m in the stage of reawakening. Realizing the thikngs that I did and also things that I need to do.
They say, we cannot expect for a change if we keep on doing the things that we usually do and what we are comfortable with. I realize that I should do things that I never did before and things that would my personality. I need to grow as a person.
2 days before my birthday and finally I was able to go to the gym. And take note, I went to the gym twice on two different gym.
I can feel my body ache but it also feels so good. I don’t know until when will I have this burning desire for a change.
I always desire to live a healthy lifestyle but then being bashful keeps on preventing me from doing a lot of things that I wanted to do.
I wish I can sustain the desire to do everything and enjoy what life is to offer…

From Being Bored to In the Mood

As of this time, we are not currently busy at work and it bores me doing nothing. I've already tried reading but then it seems that I'm not in the mood of reading again because I've already spent a lot of times reading Ebooks and some blogs.

There are also things that I wanted to do and sometimes these things keeps my mind busy even if I'm not doing anything. These are the things that I desire, and money and time are the biggest factor that restricts me in doing those things.

I wanted to go to Mindanao, just to meet some friends and to see the other side of Philippines. They say that it is a dangerous place because they say that there are a lot of rebels in that place, but getting to know a some people who were native to that place drives my curiousity on what life do they have and why is it that most of the people that I know don't regard education as a key to get out of poverty.

	At some point they might be right that sometimes it is hard to believe that education really helps to alleviate someone from poverty, because nowadays there are still a lot of college graduates who can't even find a job. But in my point of view, one of the reasons why they are having difficulty in looking for a job is insecurity. I admit that at first I I don't have confidence while applying for a job, not only because I'm shy but also because I'm afraid that I can't do what is expected of me.
	I've been thru a lot of interviews before I landed my first job in a company that I still work with until now. I'm just lucky that the Guy Upstairs helped me land on a job and a working environment which is suitable for me. A job where in I can be myself and do well without being seen by the customer that I'm assisting. Yeah I'm a call center agent and I love my job!

	Well it seems that I'm already in a mood of writing even if I'm already being drifted on a different topic. oh now I'm lost...hehehe Now I'm glad that I am now in the but in doing something that's worth while.

I think I need to read an article from Reader's Digest...

The Man Who Don’t Want To Move :)

I woke up this morning thinking of the things that I wanted to do.Thinking of the things that will help improve my life. Having chance to see most of my my very first teammates since time that I worked in call center industry made me realize a lot of things.
They most of them asked my on how long have I stayed with the company. I told them that it had been more than 4 years and the next thing that they would ask: had you already been promoted? What’s your current position?
How much is your salary?
I told them that I am a technical support agent. I am not promoted by choice because I salary I hate paper works and the salary of a supervisor is not enogh to compensate for the lot of works that they had been given. And also if you’re a supervisor you would be scolded b8y the upper management if your team is not performming. Even you already did everything and one some of them is not performing, you’ll dedinitely get a lot of headaches every end of shift,
Most of the people that I know who aspires to become a supervisor aims not for the salary because sometimes the salary of an agent is much bigger than the supervisor because of incentives and because there is only a bit difference compared to what the agents are getting. They just aim for the title and power.
But then there were also supervisor who are good in handling teams because they have passion with what they do and they just don’t aim for power.They had been promoted and they’d accepted it for career growth.
Sometimes I wanted to be promoted because I also want to have career growth and also I wanted to handle a team, but then I don’t think that I’m capable of handling a team and I hate responsibilities.
I know the transition from a customer service representaive to a technical support rep is no big deal when it comes to career growth because both of them falls under the level of being agent. But then it’s okey because tech support reps. are getting better pays than customer service rep. with the company that I’m working with.

what i want on my birthday

Today is Sept. 4 2011, it is my cousin’s birthday and 15 more da before my birthday. Since yesterday when I bought a DVD player,  I saw an Apad, a replica of  Ipad from China. I keep on thinking of the things that I can do with it.  Really love reading and having an Apad would enable me to download ebooks and easily ready the whole pagae without using scroll bars like what I usually do with my mobile phone. And also I can browse the internet while my aunt is using my laptop.

I want a new watch. A Timex or a Fossil watch. I actually had a Timex watch which is a hand-me-down by my uncle. I bought a Timex watch for my younger sister as a graduation gi. I realize that since the day I started to work, I haven’t bought a watch for myself, maybe bec. I still have something that I can use, and maybe because I don’t need it.

I want a Blackberry phone. Nowadays Iphone and Blackberry are the in gadgets. At first I desire for an Android phone and Iphone, but then when I had a chance to tinker those 2 phones, I realize that it has some features that is almost similar the things that I can do with my Samsung Star. And I have have 2 working phones which I always use. Maybe I don’t need another mobile phone. I just want Blackberry bec. I am curious on why people love to use it aside from it’s security feature and the luxury of having that gadget.

As days pass by and as I approach the age of 25 I can say that I am getting mature and I go for the things that I want and I enjoy life.Sooner or later we may no longer have the capability to do the things that we still can do today.

I am blessed that I had my job because even I still have my responsibility with my family, I still can afford to buy the things that I want.Live Life!!

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